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4bit Rocker

from Dot​.​AY by Dot.AY



Written Using 1 Game Boy and LSDJ


Verse 1:
I can't understand it I can't here you, every rappers talking bout the same shit. It's see through. Thoroughly transparent, detectives, polygraphs, lies to your parents. Needle skip, jump rope, a new hope, tally-ho pip pip, a new joke, folk lore courts, justice police, arresting heart attacks and jet packs I kick back. Time travel ticks back, lazy relax, 2012, Mayan tax, a lifetime has to come gift wrapped. River Styx flood blood like water tapped. Boats and moats no coats to dry your satched. Fought you, taught you but they ain't bought you. You fight, you tight but they still can't bite.

You think I rock 8bits. No it's 4. Game Boy on the mic, this shit is raw. Hate four to the floor, my beats want more X 3

Verse 2:
Cataclysmic rhythmic bullshit, can you hear it now hit you like WHAM POW. Freak it like batman, kick it like antman, cultivating dreams like sandman...cultivating dreams like sandman...cultivating dreams like sandman
BZZZT, Lazer sword teachers, back then was blaze or I eat cha's. Feature film, download the pictures. Break the rules but read the scriptures. Need to feed the addiction. Turn fairy tales with perfect diction. Get back in there and clean the kitchen. Jedi Mind tricks won't block this station.
Radio waves hello to stereo. Nullsleep till Brooklyn on the video. Boy thats Lame, don't you think so, but it calms down some kids. Whose chips are bigger, pulse is sabre'rd, fire boys are branded, pixels hated, shifts are bittered, mags are glowing, wave tree amazes. Well you know I've only got 80 to go. So I sass my crotch, shrink my scale, batteries are low and Jake's a whale.

Chorus X infinity and beyond


from Dot​.​AY, released July 3, 2009




Dot.AY Melbourne, Australia

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